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The Interfaith Center is a 501(c)(3) education organization that teaches people of all faiths about current affairs and how the questions of the day relate to their shared values.

We believe that all faith communities in Texas can agree on some things such as:

  • The environment is God’s creation, so we are called to take care of it; and
  • Loving our neighbor means caring about policies that impact their life and livelihood.

The Texas Interfaith Center aims to be a nationally recognized public policy educator and influencer with a positive, effective problem- solving approach that is informed by the shared values of the faith traditions that support it. These values include...

  • Collaboration over Competition
  • Love over Fear
  • Power With over Power Against
  • Common Good over Personal Gain

Located just north of the Capitol, UT, and two seminaries, the Center serves as a beacon to help people of faith keep their bearings. We guide individuals and faith organizations through the tricky waters of politics and faith to bring their collective witness and wisdom effectively into the political process.

Donate to support our work today!