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Young Texans Champion Legislation to Protect Gulf by Saving Sharks

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Eleven-year-old Sawyer Chandler is not resting on her famous father's laurels. The daughter of Emmy-award winning actor Kyle Chandler (who played the beloved Coach Taylor on "Friday Night Lights") has launched a website and petition to raise awareness about shark finning, the cruel and unsustainable practice that is decimating tens of millions of sharks each year.

In Sawyer's words, "You may think sharks are mean killing machines, but really, it is all a big lie! Sharks are loving animals and people really do underestimate them. In about 100 years or maybe even less, sharks could be endangered or even extinct"

The Rise of Evangelical Environmentalists - CS Monitor

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"Demographics are destiny, some say, and there’s plenty of truth to that. If you live in the South, you’re more likely to be an evangelical Christian than if you live in San Francisco. And if you live in San Francisco, you’re more likely to be an environmentalist (or at least recycling your soda can) than if you live in San Antonio.

More unusual are people who combine the two: Evangelical environmentalists. Rare, but rising in influence, evangelical environmentalists are equally well versed in ecology and theology. They and other proponents of the “creation care” movement may be harbingers of a cultural shift, albeit a slow one."

Read the rest of the article from the Christian Science Monitor, courtesy of Yahoo! News.

The Universal Language of Creation

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I have a confession. Sometimes I allow self-righteous Christians to get the best of me.  (Caveat: I am one of them.)  Take charity, for example. We love to talk about keeping government small. Let the church take care of the people!  But Americans give only 2% of our income to charity, and Christians are no better than average.  In fact, as World Vision CEO Rich Stearns gently points out, only 2% of our 2% goes to fund international aid for the poorest of the poor.  Suffice it to say that the American church is not doing a great job of fulfilling Jesus’ commands.

Caring for Creation with Non-Christians: My Journey into Interfaith Work

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In early 2012, I started a Dallas Creation Care group to convene people of different Christian denominations for fellowship and support for environmental stewardship within the church. In planning for our first meeting, to be held in February, I was surprised to learn that others were in the process of doing the same thing—Texas Interfaith Power and Light was offering a presentation at a church in Dallas in early March on the topic of organizing around local, faith-based environmental efforts.

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